What Does Natto Taste Like?

Although Natto doesn't have a pretty look, it is a traditional Eastern Japanese dish. Normally, children at school regularly eat a stinky snack during their breaks.

Its smell may be outright loathed and polarizing like Vegemite and cilantro when Western visitors get used to adding it into morning Raisin Bran and bagels.

Hunter of authentic, local cuisines and a famous chef named Anthony Bourdain is a real hater of this dish. He described this dish as "a stringy, mucus-like goop," inspiring him to throw himself away from the restaurant and immediately go straight to the mountain edge.

With such an intriguing introduction, let's dive into "What does natto taste like?"

What Is Natto?

This is Japanese typically served fermented soybeans with:

  • Onion
  • Karashi mustard
  • Soy sauce

It has these characteristics below:

  • Slimy/string texture
  • The strong flavor
  • The pungent smell

Despite the unappetizing description above, this dish is a traditional breakfast in many areas of Japan. Besides, it is famous for having plenty of impressive nutrients:

  • Gut-loving bacteria (large amounts)
  • High protein
  • Vitamin K

What Does Natto Taste Like?

Although this tofu's taste differs according to the fermentation and batch process, it seems like old Brie or foie gras, cottage cheese.

Some people even describe its flavor as earthy bacon, but most eaters can't feel or tell its exact flavor. Sometimes its smell is similar to hot garbage and moldy socks.

But, Why Is This Tofu Sticky?

Its weird texture is intimidating, making it not the first selection for many people.

While its stringy goop and weird stickiness can cause some difficulty for our stomachs, the science aspect behind it can be quite fascinating.

When soybeans are fermented, they normally produce Gamma PGA or polyglutamic acid creating stringy slime. That’s why this special dish tends to be stinky and slimy.

Where To Find This Special Japanese Dish?

You can easily find it in restaurants or stores or impress other people by making it yourself.

Don't forget. Your breakfast can not have only this food. Let's stick to pancakes or bacon to have some backups or simply add to the cool flavor of this cool Japanese cuisine.

How To Eat Natto?

The most traditional way to serve this kind of traditional food is with rice. In this way, most Japanese eat this dish as a meal combining some condiments and add-on ingredients.


Natto is one of the unique foods on our planet. If you want to try it and have a great experience, it is best to come to a real Japanese restaurant.

Additionally, it's normally sold online or at Asian restaurants in many countries nowadays. Still, you also can try to make this special tofu yourself at home following the guidance on the Internet.

Hopefully, you can find the "What does Natto taste like?" article informative and insightful.

Thank you for reading!

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