Strong Drinks To Order At A Bar: Don’t Miss This In 2022

We all know that ordering drinks at a bar can be a bit of a gamble. The best way to guarantee that you get the alcohol you want is to know the names of liquors and the ingredients in those drinks.

This blog post will discuss some strong drinks to order at a bar and their ingredients. Let's discover in the following section!


While the name "Zombie" sounds ominous, this beverage is very fruity and pretty to look at. The term originated because of the liquor's color, which resembles a zombie's skin.

It's important to know that each bar may make the Zombie in their own distinct fashion, so when you order one, ask your bartender how they have it prepared and what kinds of ingredients are included so you can truly satisfy your taste!

Long Island Iced Tea


The Long Island tea is one of the most well-crafted cocktails out there. It uses multiple forms of alcohol and various mixers to create the perfect concoction anyone would love to try.

In general, you will find some individuals who enjoy drinking this kind of concoction during parties or any other social event just as much as they like mixing it at home. The list includes Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum, Triple Sec, and cola.

Aunt Roberta

This cocktail mixes 5 of your favorite spirits, and they aren't diluted with any mixers at all. It features some favorites, including brandy, gin, vodka, blackberry liquor, and absinthe. All the ingredients present liquor, but they also make up at least 40% ABV.

You don't even need mixers or low-octane players to make this taste great! These spirit choices mix things up in terms of flavor diversity!


There are two basic types of martinis, ones that use gin and ones that use vodka. Gin has a higher particular alcohol volume (ABV) than vodka, so it'll make your alcohol more potent as a result.

However, it would help if you incorporated vermouth into the mix to allow some control over how strong the final product will taste since it's a relatively low-ABV fortified wine.


The negroni liquor is a famous cocktail. It has three ingredients, with an orange twist as the presentation. Gin is indeed the idol, and it is more vital than one might think because of its 40% ABV (alcohol by volume).

The preparation also involves Campari at 25% ABV. That's why this cocktail provokes such pleasant warmth within the body. Holding a 15% ABV, meanwhile, vermouth lies gently in support of this alcoholic beverage.


The Sazerac is a classic cocktail and quite popular. In its traditional form, it's made by mixing cognac, rye whiskey, Angostura bitters, and a sugar cube.

Some would argue that no other alcoholic beverage complements the taste of rye whiskey better than absinthe.

So if you enjoy your Sazerac, keep using absinthe even if the establishment serving it doesn't do so on their own. After all, the glass's strength comes from the flavor of its ingredients: rye whiskey and bitters.

Liquid Cocaine

You can easily make the Liquid Cocaine cocktail at home. This is a fun shot drink perfect for bars and house parties. On average, you can make five shots with these ingredients.

The order in which you add the ingredients doesn't matter, but if you want to stir everything together instead of shaking it with ice, don't be afraid to use some filters and shakers for awe-inspiring results!

Jungle Juice

Jungle juice is not just a beverage for kids. It's a heady mixture of booze and fruit that adults should also take part in. The essential ingredients are the best: combining various fruits with grain spirits to achieve the perfect flavor combination.

Indeed, it isn't as difficult to consume as that could be expected first off. When well-mixed, the concoction yields a variety of fruity flavors with traces of alcohol barely noticeable. If jungle juice sounds too strong for you already, try diluting it more by adding lemonade or soda water.

Death in the Afternoon

The "Death in the Afternoon" is a delicious cocktail and an addition to any next event, birthday, or anniversary. It's made by first filling a champagne glass with absinthe and then topping it off with ice-cold champagne.

This tends to create a milky cocktail that is slightly less potent than other options but still just as powerful and tasty!

Caribou Lou

This Caribou Lou recipe starts with pineapple juice and coconut rum, though regular rum should work in a pinch. What gives this beverage its power is the combination of two rums.

Just know that most bars will have the rum you're looking for. Instead of running around town to find them at every bar, why not just ask someone to make it for you?

Corpse Reviver

The name of this Corpse Reviver is elaborate, but we assure you that it's warranted. This cocktail has Cointreau, gin, absinthe, and Lillet Blanc. Some lemon juice and an orange peel garnish are included as well.

The Cocchi Americano can be exchanged for Lillet Blanc if desired.

This fortified wine has an ABV (alcohol by volume) of about 17%. It's certainly not the strongest, but one won't feel like they're missing out when it comes to the quality of alcohol.

Four Horsemen No. 3

If you're looking for a potent cocktail, look no further than the Four Horsemen No. 3. This alcohol is made with equal measures of peppermint, cinnamon, and Jägermeister, making it a mighty 51% ABV.

The intense flavors will make your taste buds tingle, and the unique flavor of Jägermeister will leave you wanting more.

Black Russian

The Black Russian cocktail is strong and flavorful on its own, significantly when you upgrade from a vodka of lower proof to 100-proof vodka like Absolut 100 that packs a much bigger punch.

This beverage relies on two alcoholic ingredients usually clear in color - vodka and coffee liqueur. The latter ingredient is the main reason for the name of the liquid despite coloring it black by default!

Hand Grenade

This French Quarter specialty cocktail is perfect for those who fancy trying new recipes and experiencing something different.

Many New Orleans residents say that it is delicious, compared to other breathtaking drinks available in the French quarter, but some people disagree and think it tastes awful.

In some cases, you might want to try at least once this vodka-based drink with melon liqueur and plenty of rum and gin!


This article can be helpful knowledge if you're out with friends and want to try some strong drinks to order at a bar or if you're going to try something off their menu that you don't have a name for.

We hope that you will choose the appropriate one for your taste. Thanks for your attention, and remember to follow our following articles!

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