Fun Alcoholic Shots – Top Spirit Cocktails Pamper Your Tongue

The cocktail is a combination of many different types of alcohol with ingredients such as: along with ingredients such as juice, syrup, cream, etc. Thanks to its diverse flavors and colors, the concentration ranges from light to heavy, making them indispensable at parties.

The drink is also a great choice for those tired of traditional wines. Since it was first mentioned in 1803, the alcoholic drink has had many different recipes and has been popular worldwide.

Some are also unique shots created by a bar or restaurant, becoming the center of attraction for guests to enjoy. This article shows some common fun shots that you can practice at home or order at any bar.


Kamikaze is a cocktail that originated in Tokyo, Japan, during World War II. In Japanese, Kamikaze means powerful and decisive. So you can imagine how drunk it will be.

Kamikaze combines two parts Vodka, one-third Cointreau, and one part fresh lime juice. Then put all the ingredients into the shaker along with the ice cubes and shake well for 15 seconds. This fun shot will be filtered through a sieve and served into a Champagne Saucer glass.

Another version of this beverage is to replace Cointreau with Curacao. This Kamikaze shot will have a blue color and a sweeter taste. Besides, this version usually uses a small or lowball glass.


Cosmopolitan, also known as Cosmo, is a small version of the traditional cocktail. Its origin is still controversial.

This beverage recipe is two parts vodka, two-thirds Cointreau and simple syrup, four-thirds cranberry juice, and one-third yellow lime juice. The mixture was shaken for 15 seconds with ice, filtered, and poured into Coupe glass.

If you want to increase the alcohol content of Cosmopolitan, you can increase the percentage of alcohol in the mixture. This drink is served at parties, so drink it little by little to avoid getting drunk quickly.

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Polar Bear

Polar Bear is also known as After Eight, or Peppermint Paddy (a pun on words "Peppermint Patty") because its taste is somewhat similar to York Peppermint Pattie and After Eight. This drink tastes like a mint chocolate bar, both sweet and cool.

Polar Bear is a mixture of white crème de cacao and peppermint schnapps, with 28ml each. After shaking all ingredients with crushed ice, the liquid pours into a shot glass without ice or a rock one with ice. And it is garnished with mint left, too.

In addition, Polar Bear has many other versions. For example, you can replace peppermint schnapps with crème de menthe to reduce the minty taste and make the flavor lighter.

Red Headed Slut

To show its sexiest and hottest, this drink name is also known as Ginger Bitch or Lindsay Lohan. It was originally a trending drink in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Indiana and became popular in the US, Canada, and Venezuela.

Red Headed Slut is a blend of Jägermeister, Schnapps, Crown Royal, and cranberry juice. Among them, Peach Schnapps is the most popular one.

Shake the above ingredients well with ice, 28ml each. Then strain through a sieve and enjoy in a small cocktail glass. Ice is an indispensable ingredient when making this shot for cooling and creating a slight dilution.

Jello Shots

As the name suggests, this unique cocktail will resemble a piece of jelly made of gelatin. Its usual concoction is rum or Vodka combined with any Jello flavor.

Other versions of this drink use brandy, grain wine, or wine. Juice or fruit wine is used in a lighter variation to reduce the taste of the wine.

In addition, Jello Shots shaping variants will have multiple layers of different-flavor gels or a gel and a liquid alcohol layer. For vegetarians, seaweed or jelly is a substitute for gelatin.

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Silver Bullet

The silver bullet is one of the strongest tasting cocktails. It is a variation of the Martini when replacing Vermouth with Scotch Whiskey.

To make Silver Bullet, use one part Gin, a half one Whiskey Scotch, and lemonade shake with ice cubes. Depending on the whiskey, the V-shape will have a bit of smoke. Some versions use liqueurs to add complexity to the taste.

Lemon Drop

Norman Jay Hobday, founder, and owner of Henry Africa bar in San Francisco, California, invented this drink in 1970. After that, other variations of Lemon Drop spread throughout the US.

This shot includes two parts Vodka, a half part Triple Sec, one part fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup; shake and chill with ice cubes. Then the bartender coats a sugar rim around the cocktail glass and waits a few minutes for it to dry. Lemon Drop is served inside this glass after straining.

Melon Ball

Melon Ball has a tropical fruit taste, with a fresh green color. Its taste is based on the combination of juice and Vodka.

Specifically, this shot includes a part Vodka, a half part pineapple, and cantaloupe juice, shaken well with ice cubes. Then pour it into a V-shape glass.


This drink was popular throughout the American South in the 1950s - 1960s. However, a bar in the French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana, Tujague claimed Philip Guichet invented it in 1918.

Grasshopper is a sweet combination of three-quarters of crème de menthe, one-quarter of white crème de cacao, and one-quarter of heavy cream. They are shaken well with ice cubes, filtered into a cocktail glass.

Woo Woo

Woo Woo is like a Cosmopolitan because Vodka and cranberry juice are the main ingredients. The difference is probably the peach schnapps used in Woo Woo.

The ingredients in this drink are one part vodka and peach schnapps, two cranberry juice. They are shaken with ice cubes, sifted, and served in a highball or small cocktail glass with a slice of a lemon garnish.

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The beverage with various alcoholic concentrations will satisfy you when you want a little yeast but do not want to get drunk.

Not only giving life to the fun, but these fun shots are also a place for those who want to vent their feelings. Each cocktail will usually carry a unique meaning. Hopefully, you'll find a glass that is right for your happiness and sadness and when you need someone to listen to.

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