Leftover Lamb Recipes – Best Guide For You!

Another party comes to an end, when you face a huge amount of uneaten lambs after each party and don't know how to settle on them properly. Don't worry! Today's post will provide the six best recipes to avoid leftover lamb waste situations.

You also can find some handy cooking tricks and tips in the "Leftover Lamb Recipes" article. Let's get started!

Six Best Leftover Lamb Recipes

Roghan Ghosht

If there are around 2 pounds of leftover lambs, the most excellent way is to spice them with the materials below to have an excellent succulent stew named  Roghan Ghosht:

  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Garam masala
  • Other aromatics
  • Madras curry powder

If you have already brown the lamb, skip this first stage then, carry on cooking with the listed ingredients, and finally enjoy your result with basmati or naan.

Lima Beans, Lamb, And Potato Soup

The flavor of this soup comes from a great sauce and condiment made from chili pepper, harissa, used largely in many countries in North Africa such as Tunisia and Morocco.

Incorporating with potatoes and lima, you will have an excellent soup in the early spring when the air is still sufficiently chill to enjoy a soup.

Depending on which ingredients are available and your eating hobby, you can add cooked meat into a wide range of chilis, stews, and soups.

Turkish Lamb Pizza

You can skillfully transform many leftover lambs into homemade pizza.

Originally, this cooking recipe needed ground meat, but small pieces of roasted lamb are another good option for you, especially with runny egg and parsley.

Source: wikimedia

Abruzzi-Style Sauce With Lamp

The famous Italian author of a cookbook, Marcella Hazan, uses the shoulder part to make an Abruzzi-Style dish so you can easily utilize the leftover leg. If leftover lamb is not enough to make the Roghan Ghosht, this dish is the best option for you.

You should heat the cooked meat in rosemary and pancetta, which will make the sauce more flavored.

Cumin Lamb Tacos

The cumin-spiced taco is a combination of lamb, pita, and Greek sandwiches and also one of the best cooking leftover recipes.

When your cooked lamp is available, you just simply need to gather tortillas and add these toppings below:

  • Avocados
  • Mint
  • Pickled or grilled onions

Or other different things if you want. Finally, enjoy your Tacos.

Lamb Salad

This meat type makes a gorgeous addition to a fresh, bright salad.

Adding lamb to a bright, fresh salad is a gorgeous incorporation requiring a cooked leg. Fortunately, you have already got it!

Combining briny feta and crisp vegetables with the unctuousness of cooked lamb makes a salad fit early spring but perfect to become the main dish.


We hope the six leftover lamb recipes above can help you have delicious dishes with lambs and successfully handle leftovers.

Remember to check out your final result. Stay tuned to our next post!

Thank you for reading!

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