Top Of The Best Spanish Olives Types – Top Picks For You

Spanish Olives are loved by veggie lovers. This green vegetable has many interesting uses, such as used as a drink in bars, or cooked in appetizers, salads, etc.

This vegetable is not only versatile but also has many different types. Surely you will be quite hesitant in the process of choosing the good kind.

Whether you have chosen the right green veggie or not for each of your cooking methods, check out the suggestions right below!

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This sort of Manzanilla is one of the prominent names for Spain beryl. Its popularity has led to the fact that it is called Spain blue-green.

This sort is medium in size and has a remarkably good flesh ratio. In particular, the meat has a very smooth texture and has a unique aroma that makes anyone who sees it want to taste it.

The best time to eat this yummy baby is as a pre-dinner snack. You can use olive oil to marinate Manzanilla and mix them with fresh herbs. After completing this mixture, you will have a very nutritious snack.


This fruit has a different taste because it is quite sharp, crispy, and spicy compared to a normal beryl. The outer skin of Hojiblanca is thicker than other substitutes, so it also gives a different feel. You can use Hojiblanca to create a fun snack or add it to a stew if you like.


Gordal is an ideal option if you plan to make stuffing because the fruit is quite robust and large. Stuffed gordal filling will be a wonderful and attractive dish for those addicted to this taste.

To complete this dish, you can split the Gordal lengthwise, make holes, and stuff the ingredients you want in. You can stuff them inside with Marcona berries and piquillo pepper. Cover the top with a layer of shredded blue cheese to make it more appealing.


If you are scrutinizing for a nutritious, light, and delicious blue-green for a beginner, then Cacereña would be a great suggestion. In general, this Cacereña is quite mild in most other sisters and is easily suitable for first-timers.

You can combine them in casseroles or make a mixture of olivada (a Spanish olive paste with ingredients). Once you have the paste, you can serve with boiled eggs, bread, cookies, and many other combinations.

Final Thoughts

Spanish Olives always bring the most impressive flavors to all of us. In particular, you can easily combine and turn it into common everyday dishes such as salads, stews, or a little dessert.

If you're planning on making some interesting dishes for your family, the suggestions above will help you make a great choice!

You can check out more of our related topics to get the most delicious dishes! See you soon!

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